Tolls in Spain

What you need to know about the truck toll in Spain

The use of motorways in Spain (so-called "Autopistas") is subject to toll charges for all vehicles. Motorway or tunnel tolls can be paid with the DKV CARD or the DKV BOX SELECT. In addition, charges for the use of guarded parking lots can be settled cash-free using the DKV CARD.

As a DKV customer, you can now also use DKV TOLL MANAGER in DKV COCKPIT, the secure customer area on the DKV website, for ordering your toll products. Information about accessing DKV COCKPIT can be found on the "Customer account" page .

Europe-wide billing of truck tolls with only one OBU. With the DKV BOX EUROPE, we offer you the ability to settle truck tolls throughout Europe.

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LKW Maut Spanien
Motorway tolls in Spain
Name of system VIA-T (PDF)
Operators Currently 33 different operators
System DSRC (microwave technology) as well as service and credit cards
Routes All motorways (PDF)
Tolls payable by All vehicles over 3.5 t
Billing Post-Pay: DKV BOX SELECT or DKV CARD
Currently there is no fuel card acceptance for heavy traffic on the motorways of the ABERTIS group.
Costs Costs at a glance
Discounts maximum 50% under Post-Pay scheme in Spain
maximum 13% under Post-Pay scheme in France
Discounts Spain (PDF)
Discounts France (PDF)

Settlement option


DKV is the first provider to offer its customers an On-Board-Unit (OBU), the so-called DKV BOX SELECT, which is widely accepted by toll systems VIA-T in Spain, VIA VERDE in Portugal and TIS PL in France.

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Alternative on-site payment of toll charges in Spain

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Advantages of the DKV BOX SELECT

Maut Spanien

DKV CARDs are currently not accepted on motorways of the ABERTIS Group. This includes the operating companies AUTOPISTAS (ACESA), AUCAT, AUMAR, AVASA, AUTOPISTA A6, CASTELLANA DE AUTOPISTAS, AULESA and INVICAT. The DKV BOX SELECT, however, is accepted on all motorways of the operators named above.