Register for tolls in Switzerland

Register for tolls in Switzerland

Upon initial entry - not yet registered

Upon initial entry into Switzerland, the vehicle is registered at the customs office of entry.

A copy of the completed LSVA registration form (PDF), including all required documentation, must be submitted..

Thereupon a vehicle-related ID card is prepared and issued, containing all the essential data of the vehicle. This card is required upon each subsequent entry into Switzerland.

LKW Maut Schweiz Registrierung

Upon entry – already registered

Upon entry into Switzerland with a vehicle that has already been registered, the vehicle's associated ID card must be inserted into one of the LSVA terminals

The following data must be entered:

Now select “DKV” as mode of payment at the terminal. Following selection of mode of payment, insert your DKV CARD for cash-free payment of your LSVA.

A LSVA receipt is then issued in duplicate, to be retained until exiting Switzerland.

At the point of exit, please make sure to enter the mileage onto the receipt, then sign it and submit it to the customs officers.

Following customs clearance, you may exit Switzerland.