Truck breakdown assistance: We ensure mobility. Anywhere in Europe.

Breakdown? Help is on its way!

DKV ASSIST includes all the familiar DKV ASSIST and much more. Whether it is a towing service, fixing a tyre, or even a defective car: DKV ASSIST provides customers in 40 European countries with immediate help round the clock.
Call the toll

free emergency number

00800 36524365

where you will only reach experienced professionals. All DKV Service partners fulfil strict quality guidelines and have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Emergency numbers for all countries (PDF)

General information on DKV ASSIST (PDF)

In 92% of all cases, breakdowns can be handled directly on site.


Comprehensive service for more efficiency and comfort

Adhering to schedules, minimising downtimes, reducing additional costs, ensuring mobility – DKV ASSIST thinks ahead, not just helping in case of breakdowns, but providing transport companies with comprehensive solutions:

DKV ASSIST also offers the following services:

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