Lorry and Bus Hire Easily done with the DKV CARD

Please note that we currently provide this service in Germany only.

From January 2018, the following services will be offered and invoiced by our sister company LUNADIS GmbH + Co. KG. LUNADIS covers the kinds of services of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group not called for every day in the operation of your transport business.

You can quickly and conveniently overcome bottlenecks in your fleet capacity with the product RENT from LUNADIS.

Vehicles available for hire


Overview of RENT advantages

All DKV RENT rental locations (PDF) at one glance.

Simple and uncomplicated: Toll charges for hired vehicles

If a hired vehicle has to be used on routes subject to toll, invoicing is not a problem:

Short-term hire

Rental vehicles are usually already fitted with on-board units (OBU). Toll charges are simply settled through your DKV customer account – without having to pay surcharges in the form of the security deposits required by our rental service partners.

Long-term hire

The OBU is registered in the name of the company renting the vehicle if it is rented over the long term. Toll charges can be processed conveniently through your DKV customer account in the same way as you would for your own vehicles.

Big advantage – small prices

Hertz and DKV: a strong co-operation

When hiring your vehicles at Hertz using the DKV CARD, you receive the benefit of special negotiated terms.

Favourable special terms for heavyweights

Our partner R-TRUCKS offers an extensive range of rental options for trucks and trailers at particularly favourable prices – with no security deposits or service fees charged for all DKV group customers.

Rent trucks & cars from STAR CAR

All DKV Group customers can now rent trucks and cars under particularly attractive terms and conditions from our new partner STAR CAR.


Other current offers

You can obtain information on hiring stations in your area from your preferred hire service partner, or through the free DKV hotline: 00800 365 24 365 (24/7 Free Call)

You are also welcome to contact us directly

DKV toll service information