Guarded Truck Parking

Unmonitored and monitored secure truck parking in Europe

Safety and security first!

Fees for truck parking subject to charges in Europe can be settled quickly and conveniently using the DKV CARD or an on-board unit (toll box). Because the demand for monitored, secure parking during rest periods is continuously increasing, DKV offers its customers an extensive and ever-widening network of secure truck parking facilities near motorways and at truck stops. Both driver and load can spend time safely off road.

DKV works exclusively with certified (e.g. ESPORG certified) and selected partners to ensure the highest quality. Settlement is straightforward and cash-free, the parking fees are logically and transparently displayed in your DKV invoice.

LKW Fähren & Fährservice

All truck parking facilities can be located using DKV Maps , the free-of-charge route planner. A similarly free DKV APP version is also available. Intelligent filters, such as "Secure truck park" or "Free truck park", help you find the most suitable parking options – whether you are in Germany, Italy or France. In addition, you can filter parking facilities by the relevant validation objects DKV CARD and on-board unit.

Therefore, you will always know whether you can pay for your parking with the DKV CARD, a toll box or, if necessary, using the two legitimisation objects.

In addition to unmonitored and monitored, secure truck parks, DKV Euro Service also offers an extensive network of car parking garages and car parks .

Secure truck parks have the following security features:

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