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British Association of Removers (BAR)
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Our commitment, your advantage
18.03.2019 press release


In many parts of the world, when people ask for a Tempo, they mean a paper handkerchief; an Aspirin, they need a headache tablet and by Kärcher, they are referring to a pressure washer. Over time, brand names such as Tempo, Aspirin and Kärcher have become synonyms for complete product categories. DKV was elevated to this exclusive club of brands in Frankfurt recently by being selected as one of the brands of the century: a “Marke des Jahrhunderts”. Ulrich Wolter, Director of Marketing at DKV, explains in the interview how a brand becomes a brand of the century and why having a strong brand is important.

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13.03.2019 press release

DKV BOX EUROPE approved for Germany

Approval already granted for Belgium / Field trials under way for Austria

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11.03.2019 press release

DKV appoints Marco van Kalleveen Chief Executive Officer

DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group ("DKV"), a European leader in cash-free services en route for commercial goods and passenger transportation, toll and further mobility services, will appoint Marco van Kalleveen (50) new Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 April 2019.

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